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When locating utilities, accuracy is everything. After all, more accuracy means
less risk.

That’s why we packed the Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard multi-frequency locator
with accuracy-enhancing features, highlighted by Ambient Interference Measurement
(AIM®) technology, which automatically recommends the best frequency. UtiliGuard
also has a 12-watt transmitter that sends signals farther, an easier-to-read display
and many other features you won’t find on any other locating system. Only UtiliGuard.

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More information means a better understanding of your performance, accuracy
and operations.

That’s why the Subsite® UtiliGuard 2 adds integrated data capture, GPS positioning
and a more intuitive user interface to the original UtiliGuard’s impressive list
of performance-boosting features. With UtiliGuard 2, you’ll get information you
can use to prove or track performance, compare with benchmarks and provide
actionable outcomes to help increase quality, reduce cable strikes and increase
productivity across multiple crews.

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Identifying and tracing gas and water utility lines can be tricky business. A simple
way to improve your frequency of success is the Subsite® Electronics 830R/T utility
locating system.

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Our versatile line of beacons that work with a wide range of Subsite® utility
locating systems, helping you confidently trace water, sewer and drain lines.

Whether you are locating metallic pipe, non-metallic pipe or conduit, we have a beacon
to help you easily trace a path or locate blockages. Offering frequencies of 512 Hz up
to 33 kHz, the Subsite Electronics 150 water/sewer and conduit beacons provide a
solution for every conduit locating application, and can be used with 150, 250, 910,
950 and UtiliGuard® locating systems. We also offer the 910B (512 Hz) and 11B
(29.43 kHz) beacons, specifically designed for use in non-metallic pipe and easily
attached to a flexible rod or pulled cable.

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The Subsite® 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System will help you locate any
type of utility conduit or piping—metallic or non-metallic, including PVC—beneath
soil, rock, pavement, and other surfaces.

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