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Directional Drills





The newest design on the 100,000 drill block.

– Hydraulic system with today’s workloads in mind
– Flexible operator controls for all operators on the market
– Simple systems for increased reliability
– Big power in a small weight conscience package
– Speed to improve productivity

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A truly customer-driven design in a rugged package for tough environments

– The patented Dual man onboard offboard cab for fitting a wide variety of
job sites
– Full length traveling wrenches to assist those stubborn tool joints and
allowing to pull tooling up on the drill frame
– American Auger’s standard slip spindle that can be easily changed when needed
– Low spindle center allows the pipe to enter the ground closer to the drill
when entering at low angles
– A new MTU Engine that was designed for Tier 4 Final applications. It does
not require a regen cycle and loves it when you work it hard

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The industry standard 200 tonne drill with a proven track record of reliable
performance. It is the model that all others are compared to.

– Wireless ground drive control allows the operator to set the unit up without
being constrained to one area.
– Standard Telematics for service information and office communication with
daily work progress
– Full length traveling wrenches that can be removed for shipping and
– Optional 80,000 ft*lbs of rotary torque
– New 3 ½ inch fluid course for up to 825 gpm of drill fluid flow

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Our newest Maxi rig design that provides the latest in mobility and

– Rapid setup features to decrease the time and effort to get to work
– Hydraulically adjusted pipe support ensuring the pipe joints are always
in the right position
– Optional pipe loader that transports on the drill unit
– Dual power units that feature ROOTS (Run On One Technology System) to
reduce fuel cost during the pilot bore
– Standard Telematics for communicating with the rig during operation

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For those contractors who want to play with the big toys

– The industry first in rapid setup technology
– Up to 1,500 horsepower for the bores with big pipe welded together
just waiting to be installed
– Excellent speed without sacrificing power
– Over 200,000 ft*lbs of breakout torque for those tough pipe joints
– 4” drill fluid course accommodates up to 1,000 gpm of drill fluid for
maximum fluid power

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