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The powerful Ditch Witch HX30 vacuum excavator features a 24.8-hp Kubota® diesel
engine for advanced performance and productivity on any mid-sized potholing,
soft-excavation or cleanup tasks.

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Powered by a 31-hp engine, the HX30G is designed to handle a broad range of
underground construction, excavation and cleanup tasks without breaking the
bank or compromising productivity and comfort.

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Featuring superior power and versatility, the Ditch Witch HX50 is equipped with
a 49-hp Kubota® diesel engine to support all machine functions – from potholing
and small-slot trenching applications to HDD fluid and jobsite debris cleanup.

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The most powerful vacuum excavator in our lineup, the HX75 features a 74-hp
Kubota® Tier 4 Final engine and an industry-leading 1,300-cfm blower.

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The FX20 vacuum excavator is designed for easy transport and smaller cleanup
and excavation tasks.

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The economical FX25 is a low-profile, low-maintenance vacuum excavation system.

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The FX30 vacuum excavator is equipped with a lengthy list of standard features—including
a curbside operator’s station that allows single-operator control—and more than enough
water pressure and suction to perform a myriad of cleanup and soft excavation tasks.
The FX30 also can be customized to suit a wide range of applications, with options
that include a hydraulic boom, hydraulic valve exerciser and a choice of spoils/water
tank sizes.

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The Ditch Witch FX50 vacuum excavator has the power and functionality to do it all,
from potholing to cleanup of all types of spills, HDD fluids and jobsite debris.
Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the 49-hp (36.5-kW) FX50 is as
versatile as it is powerful and can be configured with your choice of water tanks,
spoils tanks and options such as a hydraulic boom and hydraulic valve exerciser.
The FX50 is with you every step of the job.

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The industry-leading FX65 is the most productive vacuum excavation system in
its class, hands down.

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The MV800 is a ruggedly built, long-lasting and economical mud vac built
specifically for a wide range of HDD cleanup tasks.

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